World Taste Buds in Yiwu: 6 Gourmet Restaurants

Hi, in the last article introducing Yiwu cuisine, we recommended 7 international food restaurants in Yiwu, including Italian restaurants, Turkish restaurants, Indian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, etc.

As an experienced Yiwu sourcing agent, we will take you to Yiwu again to explore the unique gourmet area! This time, we will focus on the mellow taste of Southeast Asia, the unique flavor of local characteristics, and the exquisite cuisine of Korea and Japan. Below are our recommended restaurants.

1. Tom Yum Kung Thai Restaurant

yiwu restaurant

Address: C1050-C1052, Binwang 158 Cultural and Creative Park, Binwang Road, Choucheng Street
Tel: 18072427897

A well-known Thai restaurant in Yiwu. This restaurant has attracted many diners with its unique taste and selected ingredients.

Recommended dishes
Tom Yum Soup:
The absolute signature dish, a bowl of soup that combines sourness, spiciness and aroma. Fine tasting can also taste the fragrance of coconut milk in it. Each of the prawns inside is cut from the back and threaded, and once you taste it, you know it must be very fresh.

Pandan Leaf Wrapped Chicken:
The dish is characterized by the tender and juicy texture of the wrapped chicken and its rich taste. You can taste the umami of chicken and the aroma of pandan leaves in every bite. It’s always piping hot when served, and it’s really delicious when dipped in their exclusive dipping sauce.

Yellow Curry Beef Brisket:
Very authentic Thai curry taste, curry with their fragrant rice or toast is a must. The classic method of Thai curry is to add coconut milk to the curry, which also gives the whole dish a milky and coconut flavor.

Green Papaya Salad:
Some people like to eat some people don't like to eat, it is a dish that depends on the taste. This salad is made with fresh green papaya. Known for its refreshing, sweet and sour and slightly spicy flavors, salad is one of the classics in Thai cuisine.

2. Coca Thai Restaurant

yiwu restaurant

Address: Jindifang Garden, Ying'enmen 2nd Street, Choucheng Street
Tel: +86 579 8527 8283

Coca Thai Restaurant is another high-profile Thai restaurant near the Yiwu market. It is famous for its unique dishes and hot popularity. Because it is close to Yiwu Market, it is very convenient to go to have a meal when you finish purchasing products in Yiwu Market.
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Recommended dishes
Thai Fried Spring Rolls:
Each roll of spring rolls is deep-fried until crispy and golden, making a crunchy sound when bitten down. With the store's special dipping sauce, bite it down, the sweet and sour sauce and the crispy skin are perfectly blended, bringing a wonderful taste and taste experience.

Fried Thai Crab:
Crab roe is fused into the curry, and the pot is full of fat, tender and juicy crab meat. The tenderness and juiciness of the crab combine with the rich taste of the curry, presenting an enticing delicious feast with both color and fragrance. Every bite can feel the perfect combination of crab roe and curry, which makes people intoxicated and brings a double impact on taste buds.

Coconut Sago Cake:
An authentic Thai dessert, it uses delicate sago with rich coconut milk, smooth and silky soft. Every bite is full of fragrance, and the taste is smooth and tender, just like eating pudding. Coconut milk has a particularly rich flavor, reminiscent of warm sea breezes and tropical scents.

3. Hanu-Vietnamese

yiwu restaurant

Address: No.1, Building 11, Qiancheng Community, Jiangdong Street
Tel: 15158935577

Hanu - Vietnamese Cuisine is a very authentic Vietnamese restaurant. You can't go wrong ordering a la carte here, as each dish showcases the true flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

Recommended dishes
Double Meat with Vietnamese Cabbage:
The Vietnamese rice paper set that can be DIY has two types: duck and charcoal-grilled pork. There are 14 kinds of side dishes that can be rolled and eaten, and 4 kinds of sauces. Put the rice skin in hot water to soften for 5 seconds, spread it on a small wooden board, put your favorite meat and vegetables on it, spread it with sauce and roll it up to eat, it is refreshing and not greasy.

Cheesy Pork Chops:
The whole pork chop is deep-fried to be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a rich cheese sandwich hidden under the golden crispy skin. With every bite, melted cheese meets tender pork chops for a delicious texture and satisfying flavor experience.

Spicy Seafood Pho:
This dish is based on authentic Vietnamese Pho, seasoned with spicy millet and lemon juice, which makes the taste more delicious and appetizing. The umami of the seafood complements the excitement of the chilli, allowing you to feel the unique charm of Vietnamese cuisine in every bite.

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4. Flint Love

yiwu restaurant

Address: No. 1-5, Building 6, Qiancheng Community, Nanmen Street, Jiangdong Street
Tel: 0579-85203924

Huoshiqing is an old-fashioned Korean restaurant located in Yiwu. If you want to try authentic Korean food, this is the place for you. There are few disappointing dishes in this restaurant. The store is spacious and offers a variety of seating options to provide you with a comfortable dining environment.

Recommended dishes
Cheesy Ribs:
The secret ribs are covered with cheese. Corn, cheese, pork ribs and rice cakes are combined in one dish. It is recommended to eat it while it is hot, let the cheese melt in your mouth, and enjoy the delicious combination.

Roasted pork:
Professional chefs will serve the roasted pork belly to the table. The meat retains just the right amount of fat and is neither too oily nor too dry. You can serve it with fresh lettuce and garlic. If you order old-fashioned bibimbap, you can also roll roasted pork belly into the bibimbap to add a change in taste.

Fried Seaweed Rolls:
The seaweed is wrapped with vermicelli and covered with a layer of bread crumbs. It is fried so crispy and crunchy that you can eat several of them in one go.

Old Fashioned Bibimbap:
Old-fashioned bibimbap is Huoshiqing's signature rice dish. It was unexpected that the combination of poached eggs and their unique sauce with rice produced such an amazing taste. The color, flavor and aroma of this dish are very delicious.

Cheese Hash Browns:
The taste of the slightly sweet potato cake is completely different after being dipped in the sauce. Each sip delivers a rich texture and flavor experience.

5. Youshi

yiwu restaurant

Address: No. 15, Huqing Gate, Choucheng Street
Tel: 13647035125

Youshi is a highly acclaimed Japanese restaurant in the local area, offering an exquisite Japanese gourmet experience.

Recommended dishes
Jiugongge sushi:
This sushi dish is popular for its good looks and variety of flavors. There are 9 flavors to choose from, which can meet the taste preferences of different people, especially suitable for tasting when multiple people are dining.

Avocado foie gras in hand:
The foie gras is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, paired with avocado, you will truly experience the melt-in-your-mouth taste and rich layering.

Sauce pop lantern:
It is made of chicken liver and soft-boiled egg, brushed with a secret sauce, and then slowly roasted over charcoal fire. When entering the mouth, the egg liquid bursts in the mouth and blends with the soft chicken liver, bringing a very delicious enjoyment.

6. Spicy called (Hunan cuisine)

yiwu restaurant

Address: No. 1072, Worker North Road, Futian Street
Tel: 0579-85865077

A very famous local Hunan restaurant, but it is only recommended for people who can eat spicy food. You will experience the delicacy of authentic Hunan cuisine and the unique flavor of chili. This store is a chain store, and we recommend the store that most people have eaten at.

Recommended dishes
Signature spicy is called:
The signature spicy call is one of the must-order dishes, among which the pepper bullfrog is highly regarded. If you like spicy, you can choose the most classic spicy flavor. The bullfrog meat is plump and delicious.

Old Tan Sauerkraut Fish:
The fish is fresh and tender, paired with the sourness of sauerkraut, presenting the unique flavor of Hunan cuisine.

Small farm fried pork:
It is said that the peppers they use are airlifted from Hunan, which ensures the freshness and spicy taste of the peppers. This dish is delicious and delicious, and it is a good choice for spicy lovers.

This voyage of discovery is undoubtedly exciting. In these recommended restaurants, we found many fascinating dishes. Whether you're looking for something spicy or fine dining, these restaurants will satisfy your taste buds.

Yiwu's gourmet world is always full of endless surprises and fun to explore. Let us open our taste buds and bring ourselves an unforgettable food journey!

Post time: May-22-2023

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