Yiwu Market Online

Yiwu Market Online

Because many importers can't come to Yiwu market purchase products, so many people want to know how to get Yiwu market products online. Take a look at our specific service plan that allow you to choose Yiwu market products online:

Video Selection

Select goods in Yiwu market through online video call

Take Products Photos

Often take photos of products in Yiwu market and send to clients

Make Product Catalog

Make Yiwu product catalog for clients' reference

Yiwu Market Online Site

Regularly upload new products in Yiwu market on our online platerm

Yiwu Market Online Work Process

1. Determine the Yiwu market online selection time and selection items with the customer in advance


2. Conduct Yiwu market live broadcast selection of goods through Whatsapp and Wechat, etc.
If you don't have a specific goal, we will show you the hot selling and novel products in the Yiwu market store; you can also tell us your specific needs and the purchasing agent will show you related products, ensure that you find the most suitable product.

3. Take photos for selected product, record the product details, negotiate the price with the supplier, make a quotation and send it to the clients

4. After the clients confirms the order, we will order the products, follow up production, inspection quality, merged supplier products, process import and export documents and arrange goods shipping in time. These steps are the same as offline business, details can refer to the Yiwu agent service.

In addition to let you get Yiwu market product online, we also collect product from other China wholesale markets, factories, etc, so that you can easily buy products from all over China.
If you are interested or any step that you aren't clear, pls contact us.

Why not buy Yiwu market products online through wholesale sites such as Alibaba and Yiwugo?

1. These websites only show part of the products in Yiwu market. For fear of being copied, many new products on the Yiwu market will not be posted online.
2. Many Yiwu market suppliers haven't launched online business yet.
3. There are too many uncertainties in the supply chain.
4. It takes a lot of time to send emails and online chats with multiple suppliers.
5. You can't know the actual quality of the product, and the supplier will not check the quality for you.

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