1688 Agent

1688 Agent

We can help you sourcing products from Online/ China Market/ Factories, etc.

Why Need 1688 Sourcing Agent

Abundant Products Choices

Covered 16 major industries such as industrial products, clothing and accessories, household goods, small commodities, etc. Meet all your needs.

Easier Purchase & Import & Save Cost

You just need to tell us the type of product you are interested in or send the product link or picture directly, we will handle all import matters for you.

Strong Security Guarantee

A large platform you can trust. If the 1688 suppliers are located in Yiwu, we can also conduct on-site audits, communication more convenient.

How We Help You Sourcing 1688 Products


Send Inquiry To Us

Send request of product types or specific 1688 suppliers and product links you need. If you have other requirements, you can also tell us.


Find Suitable Product & Supplier

If you don't want to get China products only from 1688, we also can sourcing from factory, Yiwu market, Alibaba, ect. Get the best price.


Confirm Order and Sign PI

We will make proforma invoice include all order details. You need signed back by mail. Then, We will arrange the order.


See Progress In Real Time

We will follow up the order, inspect the goods and let you know the progress. We can collect samples if you need.


Pay The Balance And Wait For Delivery

Please pay the balance payment after received our inspection report, we will ship the goods in shortest time by suitable transportation.


Pls Feedback After Receiving  Goods

We hope that all goods will arrive in perfect condition. If they have problem, pls contact us and we will give a satisfactory solution.

1688 Agent Service Fee

We don't charge the previous fees before you don't confirm the order. We can find right products and suppliers for free. Until your order gives us, we start to charge the fee. We are committed to helping you importing products from China through a perfect process, and you can clearly understand all costs.

Order Amount Service Charge
$5000-$10000 8%
$10000-$15000 6%
$15000-$30000 5%
$30000-$500000 4%
$50000以上 3%

Pls Note: If your order is much higher than $ 150000, the service charge and payment conditions can be negotiable.

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