Our History

Sellers Union History

Founded in 1997, holds controlling interest of 14 subsidiaries

Our History

★ 1997 Sellers Union registers and establishes in Ningbo Free Trade Zone

♦ Sellers Union registers and establishes in Ningbo Free Trade Zone and the registered capital is 1.5 millon yuan.
♦ There are 7 people in the founder team,including Mr. Patrick Xu and Ms. Rainbow Wang.
♦ Mainly exports household plastic products like bath curtain,tablecloth and so on.

★ 1999 Transforms into the earliest exporter of general merchandise in Ningbo

♦ Sellers Union has a turnover of more than 10 millon US dollars.
♦ Becomes a pioneer in the general merchandise export industry.
♦ Sets up a purchasing office in Yiwu,Zhejiang Province.

★ 2000 Establishes a 1000m² product exhibition center in Ningbo

♦ Sellers Union has a turnover of 12 millon US dollars and is honored a title of advanced foreign trade company in bonded area.
♦ Settles in Ningbo Convention and Exhibition Center Building.

★ 2001 The first batch of private enterprise received self-managed import-export right

♦ Sellers Union became the first batch of private enterprise received self-managed import-export right of import-export right in bonded area.
♦ Its self-managed exporting sales amount exceeded 15 million dollars.

★ 2004 Built and managed a logistics center for distribution and storage in Ningbo

♦ The export and import volume achieved by Sellers Union and Market Union surpassed 40 million dollars.
♦ A logistics center for distribution and storage was built and managed in Ningbo.

★ 2006 The VIP suppliers reached 1000, the total number of the products reached 50,000

♦ The export and import volume achieved by Sellers Union, Market Union, Global Union and Union Source surpassed 100 million dollars.
♦ Union Chance was founded in Yiwu.
♦ A product exhibition hall as well as a logistics center for distribution and storage was set up in Yiwu.
♦ Our global markets reached 60 countries.

★ 2007 Top 50 in Service Industry, Ningbo Faithful Import and Export Enterprise

♦ Ningbo Faithful Import and Export Enterprise
♦ Top 50 in Service Industry
♦ The Company of the Vice President of Ningbo Business Association
♦ New company- "Union Fashion Trading Co." was found.
♦ Yiwu office moved to new building which has an area of 4,000 square meters.

★ 2008 Top 50 in Service Industry, Ningbo Faithful Import and Export Enterprise

♦ Top 100 Enterprises in Ningbo,
♦ Top 100 Enterprises in Zhejiang of the service industry
♦ Top 500 Enterprises in China's service industry
♦ Company of the vice-chairman of Ningbo Foreign Trade Enterprises
♦ The employees are over 300 people
♦ The Group donated more than 30 million to the earthquake-stricken areas in Wenchuan
♦ Received the award of "Charity Company".

★ 2010 Sellers Union Group was founded, the export and import surpassed 200 million dollars

♦ The export and import surpassed 200 million dollars, global markets reached 120 countries, VIP suppliers reached 2000,and total number of the products reached more than 100,000.
♦ Bulid the new product exhibition centre in Ningbo, about 4000㎡.
♦ One of the shareholders for Ningbo Huajian venture investment co., LTD., the registered capital is 100 million yuan.

★ 2012 Continuous on the list of Ningbo top 108 import and export enterprises

♦ Shantou Operation Center were founded.
♦ Operation area of Yiwu logistics warehousing expand to 20000㎡.
♦ Gain the qualification of “AA-category managed enterprise”.
♦ Selected as a pilot enterprise of foreign trade supply chain management.
♦ Sellers Union Won the title of Well-known firms in zhejiang province.

★ 2013 Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang visited and reserched on our group

♦ The number of employees reached 1000
♦ The monthly amount of import & export reached 58 million US dollars and 520 million was the whole-year turnover.
♦ Gain the qualification of “AA-category managed enterprise”.
♦ Yiwu Operation Center was moved to a 20,000㎡Single-family office building
♦ Selected as a deputy-chairman member in fifth council of provincial international chamber of commerce and as a chairman member in Ningbo bonded area chamber of commerce.
♦ Entitled with “Ningbo Advantageous Headquarter Enterprise”, “Ningbo Foreign Trade Key Enterprise”, “Top 10 growing enterprises in service industry”, “advanced unit in harmonious enterprise”.
♦ Seller Union was awarded with “pioneering enterprise in foreign trade development”, “Zhejiang export brand” and “Ningbo foreign trade advantageous enterprise”.
♦ Establish “Sellers Union Love Foundation”

★ 2014 Ranked as the 37th of Ningbo Top 50 Private Enterprise, with a registered capital of 200 million RMB

♦A series of new subsidiary such as Bestore(cross-border e-commerce), Port to Port(international cargo agent),U Trade(international general service) and so on, are born. The ecosphere of international trade service is laid out.
♦We received visits from high-end foreign government delegation for several times.
♦We are awarded the Contract and Accredit Honoring Unit, China Export Top Brand, Top 10 International Trade Enterprise Owners.

★ 2015 Expanded foreign trade service chain, was awarded 2015 Ningbo Top 10 Employers

♦We expanded foreign trade service chain further and released the platform of Sellersunion Online, which can online display of products for customers at home and abroad, set up U Tour Trip, which can offer foreign trade general service and trip service.
♦Improvements on group structure contain establishment of Risk Management Deportment, Products Online Deportment and IT Deportment.

★ 2016 Turnover of exporting business goes up stably. Two new branch companies were established

♦ We expanded the importing B2C business and become one of the biggest shareholders of YYQUGOU and YYLEGOU.
♦ Ally with Zhejiang Saibole, listed company Yunsheng Corp., city industry-guide fund, Sellers Union Group has established Saiyun foundation to invest local high-tech projects in Ningbo. The foundation successfully invested screen film “The Funny Family” means Sellers Union has set a new step of investment in new fields.
♦ Sellers Union Group also rank into “Ningbo Top 50 Private Enterprises of the year ” , continue to hold the honor of “Yiwu Best Employer of the year” and became “strategic partner” of Sinosure Ningbo.

★ 2017 Two-way development of general merchandise and specialized series products

♦ The significant increase of cross-border e-commerce, international logistics and customized tourism
♦ Investment in UMS, linking with overseas brand marketing service area.
♦ Basically completed the platform construction of Sellers Union Online, with the entry of 15,000 suppliers, 500,000 products and over 2,000 foreign customers.
♦ Cooperation with Ningbo Education Bureau to carry out the ‘Public Welfare Project for Sellers University International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Student Cultural Exchange’ to support thousands of international students to visit China's historical and cultural cities.

★ 2019 Annual operating income exceeded 4 billion yuan, which maintaining double-digit growth

♦ Witnessed a steady growth on daily consumer goods, deepened the development of professional product development, achieved a significant growth on cross-border e-commerce export business; the ecosystem including international logistics, tourism, exhibition became stronger.
♦ Reformed and upgraded the business partner mechanism, and organized over 100 business partners to have study tours in Japan and Germany.
♦ Actively explored the management output, invested in the control of Yiwu Weisina Imp&Exp Co., Ltd, Ningbo Auland Imp&Exp Co., Ltd, and Ningbo Paramont Imp&Exp Co., Ltd, established Hangzhou Union Deco Imp&Exp Co., Ltd.

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