TOP 20 China Sourcing Agent Review And Related Guide

Are you importing from China or get ready to import from China?  Some importers want to buy directly from the supplier because they don't want to increase the extra cost. But is this model really suitable for everyone? Why more and more buyers tend to cooperate with China sourcing agent? In this article, we will introduce the relevant content of China sourcing agent, help you make the right choice.

The following is the content points of this article:
1. Top 20 China Sourcing Agent List and Review
2. Basic Responsibilities of China Sourcing Agent
3. China Sourcing Agent & China Sourcing Company
4. The Advantages and Disadvantages of China Sourcing Agent
5. Five Points for Determining Reliable Sourcing Agent
6. Other Questions about China Sourcing Agent

Top 20 Chinese Sourcing Agent List and Review

Because there are many sourcing agents in China, so we list 20 Chinese sourcing agents to facilitate you to choose. You can initially filter the sourcing agent you want to cooperate according to the procured product type or the city. Then communicate with them to further understand their professional level.
The following is a brief introduction to the top 20 China sourcing agents:

1. Sellers Union

Sellers Union was established in 1997. It is an experienced China sourcing company with more than 1,200 employees, support you from purchasing to shipping. They have a stable cooperation with more than 1,500 large chain supermarkets and wholesalers and retailers. Professional levels and integrity practices let Sellers Union is favored by overseas buyers.
Sellers Union has offices in multiple trade cities to facilitate the procurement and transportation of all parts of the country. If you want to get the most product resources, Sellers Union is your best choice. In addition, they also have their own design departments, which can better meet your custom needs.

Product Area: Focus on consumer goods wholesale, good at home decoration, toys, pet products, kitchen supplies, stationery purchase.

Office Location: Yiwu, Shantou, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Hangzhou

Top China sourcing agent

2. Meeno Group

A sourcing agent from Yiwu China provides comprehensive services, with approximately 5 years experience. They are especially suitable for small importers or startup companies.

Product Area: Focus on consumer goods, good at purchasing clothing, furniture, jewelry.
Office Location: Yiwu

3. Jing Sourcing

A professional China sourcing company is based in 2014, with approximately 50 employees. Their goal is to help small buyers face more than 1,000 suppliers in Alibaba, easily import products from China.

Product Area: Focus on consumer goods, good at purchasing socks, underwear, jewelry.
Office Location: Yiwu

4. Imex Sourcing

It was established in 2014, has a team that consists of Westerners and Chinese. This company features that they have specially customized online portals to make customers more easily manage purchase orders. The main target customers are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. If you are located in these countries mentioned above, they can send products to your door. More suitable for engineering companies and e-commerce stores.

Product Area: good at electronic products
Office Location: Guangzhou

5. LINC Sourcing

Linc Sourcing is a global sourcing company, which was established in 1995, about 20 employees. Headquartered in Sweden, there are also many offices in other countries in the world. Its main office is located in Shanghai, China. If you want to import to Sweden, then this sourcing agent is a good choice.

Product Area: Good at purchasing furniture and furniture parts, cable, windows accessories, medical rehabilitation products
Office Location: Sweden, Shanghai, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy

6. Foshansourcing

The China sourcing agent has been 10 years of history. The team members come from cities known for their industrial clusters, such as Chaoyang underwear, Zhongshan lighting, Foshan, ceramic tiles, doors and windows, and Chaozhou sanitary ware.

Product Area: furniture, lights, bathroom accessories, tiles, kitchen cabinets, doors and windows
Office Location: Foshan, Guangdong

7. Tony Sourcing

This China sourcing company isn't large, the founder has more than 10 years of experience.

Product Area: toys
Office Location: Shantou

8. Sourcingbro

Sourcing Bro is a dropshipping sourcing agent and has a wealth of experience in the Shenzhen market. As a dropshipping sourcing agent, they help direct sales and e-commerce brands development and expand their business by improving operations and logistics. More suitable for e-commerce sellers.

Product Area: Good at handmade gifts, electronic product
Office Location: Shenzhen, China

9. Dragonsourcing

Dragonsourcing is a global sourcing agent, founded in 2004. During this time, its business scope has been extended to the entire Asia. This sourcing company is located in Shanghai and Hong Kong in China. It is more suitable for small, medium and multinational companies that want to obtain export products in the upcoming market.

Product Area: packaging, industrial products
Office Location: USA, France, Turkey, Austria, South Africa, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, Kenya, Shanghai, Hong Kong

10. Fbasourcingchina

FBASourcingChina has extensive experience in Amazon FBA, which can serve millions of Amazon sellers around the world. They take care of everything: managed from samples to packaging, labels, certification, and more. Suitable for Amazon sellers.

Product Area: Personalized Electronic Products, Fitness and Health Industry Accessories
Office Location: Hong Kong, China

TOP 20 Sourcing Agent in China

Company Name



Sellers Union

Yiwu largest sourcing agent

Yiwu, China


China sourcing agent


Yiwu sourcing agent

Meeno Group

Yiwu sourcing agent

Golden Shiny

Yiwu sourcing agent

Imex Sourcing

             Guangzhou sourcing agent

Guangzhou, China

Fami Sourcing

      China sourcing company for start-up

Iris International

  China sourcing agent and supply

Hong Kong, China


Global sourcing agent


FBA sourcing service

Tony sourcing

Toys sourcing

Shantou, China

Leeline Sourcing

Purchasing agent in China

Shenzhen, China


Dropshipping sourcing agent

Chick Sourcing

Personal sourcing agent

B2c Sourcing

B2C China sourcing agent

Ningbo, China

Dong Sourcing

Your sincere agent in China

Easy Imex

Bring your product to market

UK & China


ANCO China

Global sourcing solutions for you

Fuzhou, China

China Direct Sourcing

Managed end-to-end import


Europe & China

Linc Sourcing

        Global sourcing company

Basic Responsibilities of China Sourcing Agent

1. Find products and suppliers for buyers

In the local market, Chinese sourcing agents will compare a large number of suppliers for their customers, get the most cost-effective products.

2. Draw up contracts and commercial negotiations

No more annoying bargaining.
Just tell the sourcing agent what you expect. They will handle it for you. Including drawing up business contracts for you.

3. Monitor product progress to ensure product quality

The inability to know the progress of the product in real time is disturbing.
This responsibility in the Chinese sourcing agent plays a very important role for sellers who can't travel to China in person.
It greatly protects the rights and interests of customers to receive satisfactory products in the end.

4. Arrange and follow up on transportation matters

Chinese sourcing agents generally adopt the responsibility distribution model of goods arriving at the port. Until the goods are loaded on the ship, all costs and related matters are the responsibility of the sourcing agent.

5. Special services

Including ticket booking, airport pick-up service, language translation, shopping service, travel, etc.

China sourcing agent process

The above work is the basic business that every Chinese sourcing agent will provide, including all the basic links from product sourcing to shipment. If the sourcing agent you choose tells you that they don't provide basic services, perhaps you should be vigilant and question their authenticity and professionalism.

You may feel that sourcing products from China is too complicated, but when you work with a professional Chinese sourcing agent, you will find that everything becomes simple. You just need to tell your sourcing agent about your needs, and they will handle everything for you, ensure that the goods are successfully delivered to you.

China Sourcing Agent & China Sourcing Company

The biggest difference between a Chinese sourcing agent and a Chinese sourcing company is that the Chinese sourcing agent has only one person, and he is responsible for completing all the work. The employees of the Chinese sourcing company work as a team, and professionals are responsible for handling different links.

Because of this, sourcing companies can usually provide buyers with additional services, such as:
1. Design and custom packaging
2. Market research and analysis
3. More checks
4. Financial Insurance Service
5. Free storage
6. Import and export customs clearance service
The more mature the sourcing company, the more services it can provide customers. And sourcing companies will automatically avoid the common risks of sellers. Take our company as an example. Our company has a quality inspection department and a risk control department, which are responsible for controlling the quality of customers' products and import and export risks.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of China Sourcing Agent

Cooperation is based on mutual benefit. But nothing is absolute.
In this section, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of cooperating with Chinese sourcing agents for you.

The main advantages of cooperating with a professional Chinese sourcing agent are as follows:
1. Less MOQ
2. Contact more suppliers and products, cheaper prices
3. Reduce misunderstandings caused by language differences
4. More in-depth understanding of the details of China's domestic market
5. Using a sourcing agent can receive products faster than contacting suppliers directly
6. Suppliers can be evaluated offline to check product quality

You can save time and spend your energy on business.

If you don't choose a suitable sourcing agent, you may encounter the following shortcomings:
1. Unreal prices
2. Chinese sourcing agents may accept bribes from factories
3. Concealing real factory information and false product testing
4. Without a huge supplier network, product procurement efficiency is low
5. Poor language skills

5 Points for Determining Reliable Sourcing Agent

1. Customer base

Knowing their basic customer base, you can roughly guess their strength and scale as well as their areas of expertise.
If they have a stable customer base, it means their reliability is considerable.
If their customer base changes frequently, it means that they may have some problems in a certain area, causing their customers to be unable to cooperate for a long time.
You can ask them to provide long-term business records and cases to see which countries and regions they have served customers.
If they are proud to introduce you, then the strength of this sourcing agent may be good, and it should be more reliable.

2. Reputation

People with a good reputation always make people feel more reliable, and Chinese sourcing agents are no exception.
Sourcing agents with a good reputation are more comfortable in the market and can better find suppliers with the same good reputation for customers.

3. Communication skills

A reliable China sourcing agent must have excellent English communication skills and be able to respond to your information in a timely manner. In addition, before deciding to cooperate with them, talk to them more and pay attention to their conversation and personality during the conversation. 

4. Background and registration business

How long have they been in the China sourcing agent industry? Where is the address of the office? Is it a personal sourcing agent or a sourcing company? Which product types are you good at?
There is always no harm in investigating clearly, including knowing whether they are eligible for registration.

5. Professional product knowledge and import and export knowledge

China has a rich variety of products, and product knowledge and import processes will vary. Sourcing agents with professional knowledge can understand your requirements faster, communicate better with suppliers, ensure product quality, and avoid some import and export risks, so that the products can be successfully delivered to you. When you don't understand the market trend, professional sourcing agents can also study trending products and recommend them to you on a regular basis.

Other Questions about China Sourcing Agent

1. What type of products can a sourcing agent help you purchase?

Basically all China products are ok, but you need to choose the right sourcing agent, because each sourcing agent is good at different fields.
Choose a sourcing agent who knows the type of products you need to buy, and they can use their professional knowledge to better serve you, which is very helpful for finding high-quality and cost-effective products.
In addition, Chinese sourcing agents can also help you customize private label products. Whether you want to use your own brand name, or customize the color or design of the product, a sourcing agent can help you achieve it.

product customized

2. How long does it take to purchase from China

This is mainly determined by what kind of product you need.
Generally speaking, if the goods you purchase are in stock, they can deliver them quickly. If your product needs to be customized, the shipping time is different depending on the product.
If you want to know how much time it takes to purchase the products you want in China, you can contact us and our professional sourcing agent will estimate the specific time for you.

3. What currency does the Chinese sourcing agent use for transactions?

Basically, US dollars are used. Common payment methods: wire transfer, letter of credit, PayPal, Western Union, credit card.

4. Sourcing agent fee model

Commission system and commission system. Note: Different Chinese sourcing agents may have different rates. Generally, 3%-5% commission is charged, and some small-scale sourcing agents may even charge 10% commission.

5. If you don’t want to place an order, do you need to pay the search product fee?

Unnecessary. The process of finding suppliers and products is free. Only if you are sure to place an order, you need to pay the service fee to your sourcing agent.

6. If I have found a supplier in China, how can the Chinese sourcing agent help me?

If you have already found a supplier yourself, they can also help you with other matters. For example, negotiate prices with suppliers, place orders, follow up production, inspect product quality, integrate products from different suppliers, transport, translate, and process import and export documents.

7. MOQ of sourcing agent in China

Different sourcing agents will set different conditions. Some are to set the MOQ for each product, and some are to set the value of all products ordered. If the sourcing company you choose has many customers, then you may have the opportunity to reduce the MOQ. For example, the MOQ of a product is 400 pieces, but you only want 200 pieces. In the case of a large customer base, there may be people who want the same product, so that you can share the MOQ with others.

8. Can I obtain the supplier's contact information through a Chinese sourcing agent?

Sourcing agents will communicate with different suppliers. Generally speaking, sourcing agents will keep supplier information confidential. Provide customers with a better series of services without leaking supplier resources. If you have a very important matter that needs to be contacted with the supplier, then you can negotiate and discuss with them after establishing a stable cooperation with your sourcing agent.

9. Will the sourcing agent provide you with samples?

Generally speaking, samples can be provided, but the specific payment situation needs to be negotiated with them.


If you want to find a sourcing agent in China, you can contact us. We are a leading sourcing company in China, with offices in Yiwu, Shantou, Ningbo and Guangzhou, which can help you sourcing novel products from all over China. Start importing easily from China!

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