Profitable Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market-Best Guide You Should Know

Do you want to import profitable toys from Yiwu market, but don’t know how to start? Today you can get the best Yiwu toy market guide and easily develop the toy business. Let’s start exploring:
1. Overview of Yiwu Toy Market
2. Available products and origins in Yiwu toy market
3. Why choose Yiwu Toy Market
4. How to wholesale toys from Yiwu
5. Who can help you easily import toys from China

Yiwu Toy Market Overview
Yiwu Toy Market is China’s largest toy wholesale market. It is located on the first floor of Yiwu International Trade City. More than 2,000 toy suppliers, as well as a large number of Chinese and international brands, with a business area of more than 20,000 square meters. In addition to selling toys on the first floor, there is also a direct manufacturing center on the fourth floor, which is suitable for mass purchases.
As a powerful industry in Yiwu, toys have been sold to more than 200 countries and regions. Statistics show that 60% of the containers exported from Yiwu contain toys. If you want to visit Yiwu Toy Market, please be careful to stagger the Spring Festival holiday. Usually its business hours are from 09:00 to 17:00, but it is closed for 15 days during the Spring Festival.

Yiwu Toy Market available products and origin
1. This toy wholesale market has four districts, each district has 12 streets. The following are the different types of toy areas:
Area B: Plush toys, the booth number is 601-1200;
Area C: plush toys, inflatable toys, party toys, plastic toys, booth number is 1201-1800;
Zone D: plastic toys, electric toys, wooden toys, booth number is 1801-2400;
Zone E: Plastic toys, ordinary toys, gift toys, party toys, booth number 2401-3000;
2. Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market gathers novel and high-quality toys from all over China. The toys produced in Yiwu mainly include small plastic toys, plush toys, and inflatable toys. The production base is located in Yixi Industrial Park. Most high-end large toys come from the Guangzhou market or Chenghai. If you want to know more about the production areas of Chinese toys, please click: Six Chinese Toy Wholesale Markets.
3. Many sales associates like to play new or popular models outside the booth or in the hall, and display products as much as possible. The segmentation of the Yiwu toy market is also good, and you can easily browse products from the outside. The following are some product pictures of Yiwu toy market:


Advantages of Yiwu Toy Market
1. You can find all the toys you need here, including building block toys, space capsule toys, fidget toys, dinosaur toys, educational toys, baby toys, TPR toys, etc.
2. Fast update is another advantage of Yiwu toy market, such as: balance scooter and trimmer. Every week (or even every day) there are new designs on the market.
3. The minimum order quantity is low, and the minimum order quantity is as low as 1 box/worth 200 USD. Free shipping (to Yiwu warehouse) usually requires the same supplier to provide 5-10 boxes of CTN. The most important thing is the low price, suitable for any number of buyers of any type.

How to Purchase from Yiwu Toy Market
1. If you come to Yiwu Toy Market to look for products in person, please make sure to wear light shoes and comfortable clothes. Because Yiwu toy market is huge, it may take a day to browse. You can browse block by block according to the booth number. Note: Due to the price difference between the booths, you’d better compare the prices of more than three suppliers, and pay attention to comparing the quality to understand whether it is a factory. Yiwu toy market also has some clearance stock toys, which are usually much cheaper but of the same quality. It usually takes more time to find such products. It is generally not possible to get samples for free at the booths, because most of them only have one sample for display and need to be transferred from the factory. The sample price is usually higher than the wholesale price.
Every store has at least one salesperson. If you are interested in their products, you can ask about their products and they can introduce them to you. You can call it “laoban”, pronounce it “Lorban”, and there is no difficulty in quoting or dealing with simple questions in English. Don’t forget to keep a record after you learn about the price, packaging, and MOQ. For interested stores, you can ask for their business cards for later contact. If you have cooperated with Yiwu purchasing agent, after deciding the product you want, they will help you handle all the processes. Please obtain a visa before visiting China.
2. If you can’t come to China, you can search for Yiwu toy market products through online channels, or search for professional Yiwu purchasing agents to help you. There are many types of suppliers online, and it is best to verify their reliability before placing an order. For the complete import process from China, please visit:
How to choose reliable suppliers
Check the quality and arrange shipping
Track and receive goods
Learn basic trade terms

Who can help you easily Import Toys from China
Sellersunion is largest sourcing agent  in Yiwu. We can help you quickly find a reliable manufacturer with the lowest price, follow up production, ensure quality, and deliver door to door. You can also have your own customized private label products to further differentiate yourself from competitors. If you can’t come to Yiwu, our online showroom allows you to choose Chinese toys online. We can also provide live broadcast of Yiwu toy market to see products more intuitively. Save your time and cost, contact us now.

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