Wholesale Back to School Supplies List Guide

Every year during the back-to-school season, schools and parents buy a lot of school supplies to prepare for the new semester. Undoubtedly, this is a great opportunity for merchants to boost sales.

Do you want to wholesale back to school supplies? This article has compiled a list of popular back-to-school supplies, help you further your business. You can also contact us directly for the latest back to school supplies. Let's take a look together!

1. School Writing Tools

When the students end their winter and summer vacations, inevitably, they will have many new writing assignments. Class notes, homework, quizzes... So, preparing suitable writing tools is their top priority.

Not to mention mechanical pencils, gel pens and ballpoint pens, many parents also prepare some interesting stationery for their children, such as colored highlighters and multicolored ballpoint pens. I believe these things will definitely make them more interested in writing. Finally, in order for them to take good care of these writing tools, a large-capacity pencil case or pencil bag is also essential.

If you don't know what kind of back to school supplies to wholesale, you can start with writing tools that are in high demand, and there will be more sales opportunities. Most students prefer a cute style when choosing this type of stationery. Elements like unicorns, avocados, rabbits, plush balls, and more are all well-loved. In addition, due to the popularity of decompression toys in the past two years, decompression pens and pencil cases also have a large market.
- Pencil
- Gel pen
- Fountain pen
- Ballpoint pen
- Highlighter
- Pencil case/pen bag/pen holder

wholesale back to school supplies

While you're stocking up on back to school supplies, you can also view some auxiliary writing tools:
- Eraser
- Pencil sharpener
- Correction tape
- Ruler
- Protractor

wholesale back to school supplies

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2. School Notebooks and Planners

These are essential back to school supplies. Because planning ahead has many benefits, such as not letting students miss the final due date for assignments, and preparing for the big day in advance. Notebooks are required for students to record key knowledge in class and teachers to prepare lessons. Some parents also prepare some reusable sticky notes so that children can add new content to their notebooks and books.

Not only in the school season, parents will buy a lot of cute and practical notebooks for their children, and there are usually purchase needs. If you want to wholesale such back to school supplies, pay attention to distinguishing the preferences of different groups of people. Students prefer cute notebooks with patterns such as unicorns, dinosaurs, kittens, and more. The notebooks used by teachers are generally relatively simple in design.

- Cute loose-leaf notebook / loose-leaf notebook set
- Academic planning/activity planning/plan book
- Sticky notes (cute/bright colors/re-stickable)

wholesale back to school supplies

3. File Storage

Every back to school season, both teachers and students, need to prepare some appropriately sized folders. A complete set of document storage stationery can keep documents neat and organized, helping them find the documents they need faster.

In addition to folders, they will also buy some other gadgets, such as tagging pages with book tags, you can quickly find page numbers and find references.

Compared with the above two types of back-to-school supplies, these types of products are highly reusable, less abundant in styles, and less frequently replaced. When wholesale such products, the choice of styles is not so complicated, and many people will pursue practicality more.

- Folders (for all ages)
- Book labels
- Binder (sets of different sizes)
- Stapler
- Paper clips

wholesale back to school supplies

4. Art Supplies

Students often use scissors, tape, and markers to complete their art projects. This is an investment to look forward to as they have the potential to make some really nice crafts out of the stationery.

- Marker
- Colored pencils
- Glitter glue
- Scissors
- Tape
- Multi-color marker pen

5. Student Backpack

Kids always see backpacks as a prop to show off their fashion side. Because there are too many channels to buy high-quality backpacks that aren't inferior to brand-name bags, parents and children are no longer obsessed with buying brand-name backpacks.

When choosing a back to school backpack, in addition to fashion, the most important thing is that it needs to be of good quality, waterproof and stain-resistant, not easy to break when pulled, and large enough to hold all school supplies.

wholesale back to school supplies

6. School Meal

Most parents prepare some delicious bento for their children every day to bring to school. It is obviously not very environmentally friendly if it is packed in a disposable bag every time. Therefore, there is a great market demand for bento boxes and bento bags. On the one hand, it is convenient to use, and on the other hand, it can be reused and is more environmentally friendly. It is also used by a wide range of groups, from students to teachers and even parents.

- Bento bag
- Bento Box
- Sports water bottle

wholesale back to school supplies

7. Electronic Equipment

After the period of working from home and going to school, people are more aware that technology can help learn.
Junior high school students, high school students, and college students studying outside may need a new set of electronic devices. Laptops, wireless mice, headphones, and more.

One item we highly recommend is the over-ear sound-isolating headphones. While they are studying, they can ignore other noises and concentrate on the lessons. When wholesale electronic products, be sure to pay great attention to quality issues and import requirements.

- Tablet PC
- Mechanical keyboard
- Wireless headset
- Calculator
- Laptop case
- Laptop home
- Mouse pad
- Portable charger

wholesale back to school supplies

8. Personal Hygiene Products

At a time when the threat posed by COVID-19 isn't over yet, we should be more vigilant about our children's personal hygiene. These personal hygiene items are essential for child's back to school season. It is best not to wholesale a lot of these products, because they are usually bought in professional hospitals or pharmacies.

- Masks
- Portable hand sanitizer
- Disinfecting wipes
- Reusable mask

9. University Residence Guide

Mom's little sweetheart left home for the first time to go to college, can they handle their own things? Worried parents may prepare some storage tools for their children, with these, they can better organize their dormitory. There are also bed sets, brand new coffee makers and small refrigerators to enrich their dorm life too.

- Storage set
- Down duvet
- Mattress
- Fan
- Desktop storage
- Blanket
- Coffee machine
- Small refrigerator
- Desk lamp

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Above is the complete list of back to school supplies. Many merchants choose to wholesale stationery and other back-to-school supplies from China because of their rich variety, low prices, and more competitive advantages. If you are interested, you can contact us - as a Chinese sourcing company with 25 years of experience, we have rich and reliable supplier resources, which can help you better outperform your competitors.

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