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Now, as long as the wholesale import of products is mentioned, the indispensable topic is import from China. Tens of millions of importers wholesale products from China every year. However, when importing products from China, a huge problem they face is how to choose the right products. Which products are most profitable to import from China? What is the best imported product? 

As a China sourcing company with many years of purchase experience, we have compiled relevant guide for the best products to import from China. If you still don't know what product to import after reading, you can contact us for one-stop service.

China Products List

The following is the main content of this article:
1. Several Types of Best Products Imported from China (CHEAP, NEW, HOT, USEFUL)
2. Reasons for the Advantages of Importing Products from China
3. Simple Rules for Choosing Products
4. Five Ways to Choose the Best Products for Your Store
5. Four Points to Note

1. Several Types of Best Products Imported from China (CHEAP, NEW, HOT, USEFUL)

(1) Cheap Products to Import from China

Cheap products mean lower cost, and often this also means increased profits. But pay attention, when you import cheap products, add it to your other purchasing plan to execute together or buy in large quantities, so as not to reduce your profits due to high sea freight.

Pet Supplies

Pet products are definitely profitable products to import from China, especially pet grooming products, pet toys and pet clothing. For example, the cost of importing pet clothes from China is about $1-4, and it can be sold for about $10 in the country where the importer is located, the profit margin is relatively large. For pet owners, many pet products are fast consumer goods and will be replaced frequently. So cheap pet supplies will be more popular.

pet products
pet products1

For specific products, please refer to: Pet Products Zone

Not to mention the rapid growth of the global pet market in recent years, its current valuation has exceeded US$190 billion. Among them, pet daily necessities and cleaning products account for 80% of the pet market, and pet toys account for about 10%. The consumption of smart products such as pet feeders and water dispensers is also increasing rapidly. In the past two years, we can clearly feel the growth of the pet products market in our contact with customers. We have met many new customers selling pet supplies, and some stable cooperative customers have also started to try the pet supplies business.

Global pet products market size

Plastic Toys

Most toys, really, I mean most toys on the market are made in China. Among them, plastic toys are the cheapest. Comparing the local selling price with the wholesale purchase price in China, this is a crazy business. Different types of plastic toys have different prices. I can only say that the price of many plastic toys can be as low as $1.

Note: The raw material prices of plastic toys have increased in the past two years. As of April this year, the price of styrene has increased by 88.78% year-on-year; the price of ABS has risen by 73.79% year-on-year. In this case, many suppliers have increased product prices.


Various types of pens can be found in the Chinese market! Fountain pen, ballpoint pen, fountain pen, creative pen, etc. The price is determined by the quality, shape and function of the pen, and is generally around US$0.15 to US$1.5. There is no doubt that this cost price is very low. In addition, importing pens from China does not require any certificates and documents, which is more convenient.

China stationery products

For specific products, please refer to: Stationery Zone


As a daily consumer product, socks have a very large demand. Coupled with the low price, the number of purchases is quite frequent. In China, the cost of ordinary socks is about US$0.15. How much can they sell in abroad? The answer is about $3 per pair. Socks are also a hot products in the Yiwu market. The first floor of the third district of the International Trade City is full of shops selling socks. You can also choose to visit China's socks capital—Zhuji, Zhejiang, where there are 5,000 shops. If you cannot travel to China in person, you can seek help from a purchasing agent.

Others include: wigs, mobile phone accessories, T-shirts, etc. You can find a lot of cheap products in China, but there will also be differences in quality between cheap products . If permitted, you can ask the supplier for samples and check your contract.
For more tips, please see: How to find reliable suppliers.

Looking for products from China? Just contact us, our professional purchasing agent will find the most suitable products and suppliers for you, support you from purchasing to shipping. 

(2) New Products to Import from China

LED Mirror

Compared with ordinary mirrors, LED mirrors are brighter, can sense and automatically light up, and can adjust the brightness. In addition, its life cycle is also very long. And its price is also very good, loved by the majority of girls.

led mirror

Fidget Toys

Due to the impact of the epidemic, people have less and less time to go out. In this case, people urgently need products that can relax, and fidget toys are born from this. It can be used when working and playing with children.

fidget toy

Squid Game Products

Such products are derived from the hit squid game TV series. People all over the world are obsessed with buying Squid game related products. Chinese suppliers follow this market trend and quickly create a variety of popular products.

Selfie Ring Light

The popularity of video platforms has greatly increased the demand for selfie ring lights. With this tool, you can improve the quality of videos and photos.

Selfie Ring Light

Other new products may also look at smart backpacks, inverted umbrellas, automatic instant tents, portable USB panel lights, creative fantasy lights, etc.

(3) Hot Products to Import from China

Home Decoration

Home decoration is definitely a hot product to import from China.
Since people's tastes for home decoration will continue to change with the current popularity, the design and types of home decoration will always change. The Chinese factories are able to keep up with the market, and a large number of unique designs are launched every month or even every day. Therefore, home decoration exported from China is always very hot.

Although home decor has always been a hot category, people pay more attention to interior design during the isolation period, and the demand for home decor is also increasing. This is one of the reasons why more and more customers choose to import home decor from China. Home decor involves a wide range of types, such as vases, photo frames, furniture, desktop ornaments, wall decor and so on. You may be confused as to which one should be chosen for so many sub-categories. Personally recommend you to try artificial flowers and vases, which are relatively simple.

Trend: Furniture and smart homes using environmentally friendly and renewable materials may be popular elements in the future.

Artificial Flower


There is no doubt that there are a large number of children in every country. And there is no doubt that novel toys are very popular. You may also know that toys are one of the most profitable products to import from China, but due to the fierce competition in the market, you may be worried about what toys you need to import to stand out.
The Chinese wholesale market is updating toys every day. It is strongly recommended that toy buyers try to contact Yiwu or Guangdong purchasing agents to go to the market for you. There you can get the latest toys.

Plush Toys & Dolls
Electric Toys

Sports Bottle, Bicycle

One of the differences between sports water bottles and general water bottles is that they are stronger and more durable and have better sealing properties. This is because they sometimes need to be carried outdoors. Of course, in addition to traditional sports bottles, many multi-functional sports bottles have been introduced, such as carrying filtering functions or foldable functions. Among them, the silicone water bottle is widely loved because of its foldability.

As one of the important sports products, bicycles have reached a point where demand exceeds supply.


Key point: Sports water bottles are often carried on occasions where exercise is intense, such as running and fitness, and you need to pay extra attention to the airtightness of the water bottle.

Clothing, Accessories, Shoes

Every year, fast fashion brands import large quantities of clothing, accessories and shoes made in China. Because purchasing these products in China is very cheap and profitable. As people's daily necessities, almost everyone is a potential consumer. Therefore, many importers believe that clothing is a profitable product to import from China.

If you want to wholesale the most popular styles, going to Guangdong is definitely your best choice, especially Guangzhou.

Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen supplies are essential products at home, and almost everyone needs them. From cookware and kitchenware to small kitchen appliances. Even people who don’t cook need to use wine glasses, salad bowls, etc. The price is very charming and can be as low as $1.50.

Those who are interested can check out an article we wrote before: How to wholesale kitchen supplies from China.


Electronic Product

As we all know, electronic products are also a hot category to import from China. Whether it is expensive or cheap electronic products, the Chinese market offers a wide range of choices. Of course, electronic products can have very good profits, which is why people are keen to import electronic products from China.

Note: The quality of electronic products is uneven, and it is difficult for you to judge the quality from the appearance, which requires strong professionalism.

Similarly, if you are interested in electronic products, welcome to: Guide to Importing Electronic Products from China.

(4) Useful Products to Import from China

Kitchen Gadgets

Many people are very busy and they want to shorten the cooking time as much as possible. In order to be more convenient, a series of kitchen tools have been upgraded, such as vegetable cutter, garlic press, peeler, which greatly reduces the cooking time and has a very important effect on people. The cost price of this kind of kitchen gadget can be as low as $0.5, and it can be sold for about $10 when reselling.

kitchen tools

Stainless Steel Straw

Because many countries have begun to restrict plastic straws, coupled with the increase of people's awareness of sustainability, people are eager to find straws that can replace plastic materials. Because of its reusability, stainless steel straws have received widespread attention. China’s largest stainless steel base is located in Jieyang, Guangdong. If you are interested, you can visit or contact.

The key point: Because it is a product that is in close contact with the oral cavity, special attention should be paid to quality differences.

IP Security Camera

This product is a very useful product for people with elderly or children at home. With this camera, you can monitor the situation at home in real time on your smartphone, just in case. People don’t have to worry even if they go out for work or shopping.

IP Security Camera

Others include mobile phone holders, video doorbells, smart watches, wireless mobile phone chargers, mini outdoor survival tools, etc. You can learn more about them if you are interested.

2. Reasons for the Advantages of Importing Products from China

(1) Cheap and high-quality labor
(2) Strong government support
(3) Good capital environment
(4) Sufficient natural resources/rare earth/metal reserves
(5) The supply chain is stable and safe
(6) Manufacturers focus on different product categories

3. Simple Rules for Choosing Products

(1) Price (low cost)

How much does products cost? Is this price appropriate? Consult multiple suppliers and compare product prices to ensure that the products you get are the most cost-effective. Although it is not necessarily the lowest, it must not exceed the cost you have calculated. It is very important not to forget other expenses. Add them all and divide by the quantity. This is the real price of your imported products from China.

(2) Value

How much does it cost to sell your product?
Give it a price after considering quality, profitability, market demand, sales frequency, whether it is innovative, convenient, and very attractive.
Value>Price, then this is a product worth importing.

Products such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, infringing products, guns toys. These products are prohibited products in most countries.

4. Five Ways to Choose the Best Products for Your Store

(1) Seller Union Group

The easiest way is to find a professional purchasing agent. Sellers Union Group is the largest purchasing agency company in Yiwu. In the past 23 years, they have rooted in the Yiwu market, with offices in Shantou, Ningbo and Guangzhou, and established an extensive network of Chinese suppliers. Through continuous research on market trends and regular collection of new products from suppliers, we have provided customers with satisfactory services. 

3.Sala de exposición

Of course, choosing the products you want to import is only the first step, and there are many import processes behind. Don’t worry, Sellers Union Group can handle everything for you, such as: helping you find reliable suppliers and cheap products, integrating goods from different suppliers, processing import and export documents, transportation, etc., to ensure that the goods are delivered intact Into your hands. 

(2) Alibaba or other whosele websides

Go to Alibaba or any other wholesale website, click the search box, and view their recommended keywords. If you have no direction at all, it is best to use an account with no browsing history, so that they will recommend the most searched products for you, that is, the most hot products.

(3) Google Search

Unlike searching products on Alibaba, searching on google requires you to have a general direction in mind, because google is much larger than a wholesale website. If you do not search with a purpose, you will be overwhelmed by a huge amount of information.
The secret of using goole for product search is to use "more precise keywords."

For example, if you want to know the latest toy trends, use "2021 latest children's toys" instead of "TOY" to search, you will get more accurate information.

(4) Research on other social media trends

Use Youtube, ins, facebook, Tiktok to see why people are crazy recently.

(5) With the help of analysis tools

You can analyze the current popular product types through Google Trends, and you can also use some keyword tools to find the traffic of subdivided product words and initially judge the demand of the audience.

google trend

5. Four Points to Note

(1) The possibility of fraud cannot be completely avoided
(2) Product quality is not up to standard
(3) Communication problems caused by language barriers
(4) Problems caused by transportation (freight and time)


If you have made it clear what type of Chinese products you want to import, then you can learn more about how to find reliable suppliers. Conversely, if you aren't sure yet, maybe you can start with products that are in high demand (toys, clothing, home decor, etc.) to reduce sales risks. Of course, the easiest way is to hire a professional purchasing agent, you can save a lot of time and cost.

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