China Auto Parts Wholesale Definitive Guide

Nowadays, cars have become a necessity for people. Basically every family owns one or two cars. These cars accompany us on our commute to get off work, on a date or on a family outing. But over time, some car parts can wear out and become unusable. It is for this reason that people need auto parts stores to provide them with a wide variety of auto parts.

Undoubtedly, auto parts is a market with great potential for development. But the value of good auto parts is very high, which may be an important reason to hinder your development of auto parts business. As a professional China sourcing agent, today we will introduce to you how to wholesale auto parts from China at reasonable prices, so as to ensure that you can have better profits and reliable auto parts suppliers.

1. Well-known China Auto Parts Wholesale Market

An excellent way to import car accessories from China is to visit the Chinese auto parts wholesale market. Today we are going to introduce to you the most worthwhile wholesale markets. There are many Chinese auto parts wholesale suppliers out there.

1) China Guangzhou Yongfu Auto Parts City

It is located at No. 45, Yongfu Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.
At present, this auto parts wholesale market is one of the largest gathering centers of auto parts in China. Before the epidemic, many foreign auto parts importers often came here. Customers can find what they want here because there are so many styles of auto parts.

There are two main layers here, the first layer is for car parts, and the second layer is for car products and car decoration.
They also have their own dedicated website, mainly about market introduction and information on China auto parts suppliers.

2) China Guangyuan Zhanlong Auto Parts Trading Center

It is located at No. 283, Guangyuan Middle Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou.
Guangyuan Zhanlong Auto Parts Trading Center is also one of the largest auto parts wholesale markets in China.
The area here is very large and contains hundreds of China auto parts suppliers. Gather mold manufacturers and auto parts suppliers of many models.

Of particular note is the Audi and Volkswagen accessories, which have a relatively high reputation in the industry. Beyond that, there are plenty of good replacements to find here.

3) China Yiwu Auto Parts Wholesale Market

Although many well-known auto parts wholesale markets in China are concentrated in Guangzhou. But just for the Yiwu Auto Parts Wholesale Market, Yiwu is also worth a visit.

Yiwu Auto Parts wholesale Market is located on the 4th floor, District 5 , the world-famous Yiwu Market.
There are more than 1,000 large and small auto parts suppliers from all over China. All kinds of China car accessories, such as bumpers, steering wheels, etc. are gathered here.

Compared with the scattered market in Guangzhou, here brings together almost all kinds of suppliers, which is more convenient for customers to choose and compare. For low-volume customers, it's just heaven.

Of course, many customers will choose a professional Yiwu sourcing agent to assist them. Because they are very familiar with the Yiwu market, they can not only deal with suppliers better, help you save a lot of time and cost, but also simplify your entire import process. Just contact now!

4) Guangzhou Huadu Xinchentian Auto Parts Wholesale Market

An amazing place and there are so many stories in the industry about this place.
Basically, all types of cars on the market can be assembled here.

Don't worry about the authenticity of the accessories here, because they are all second-hand accessories. Useful parts left over from the dismantling of a car after it is scrapped or in an accident. The only thing you need to confirm is probably their quality status.

5) China's auto parts industry cluster

Led by Wuhan, Hubei, China, Xiangyang, Hubei, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, and Cangzhou, Hebei have a good auto parts industry.

Wuhan, Xiangyang, and Shiyan in Hubei have been developing automobile manufacturing and auto parts manufacturing since a long time ago. Not only is there a large professional auto parts wholesale market in the local area, but also many car accessories manufacturers can be found directly in the market.

The largest auto parts wholesale market in North China is located in Migezhuang Town, Hejian, Cangzhou, Hebei. Auto parts are one of the pillar industries here.

Auto parts is a complex and professional industry. Over the years, we have helped many clients import high-quality auto parts from China and avoided many risks. You can also contact us to help you.

2. China Auto Parts Professional Exhibition

1) Chengdu International Auto Parts and After-sale Service Exhibition

Time: The 9th CAPAS will be held from May 18 to 20, 2023
Address: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

2) China International Automobile Modification and Accessories Exhibition

Time: Mid-October every year
Address: Shanghai China National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC)

3) Guangzhou International Auto Exhibition

Time: 2022.11.18-27
Address: China Import and Export Shanghai Fair Complex

4) China International Auto Parts Exhibition

Time: 2023.6.7---6.9
Address: China International Exhibition Center - New Hall, Tianzhu Airport Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing

5) The first phase of the Canton Fair

Time: April and October every year
Address: China Import and Export Fair Complex

The above mainly introduces the offline ways to find Chinese auto parts suppliers. On how to find Chinese auto parts suppliers online, you can refer to: China Wholesale Website Guide. You can also read further: How to identify a reliable supplier.

Of course, you can also contact an experienced Chinese sourcing agent to help you, which can avoid many import problems.

If you want to know the complete information about the Canton Fair, you can go and read it.

3. Types of Auto Parts that can be Wholesaled from China

Basically all the auto parts you can buy in China. Including but not limited to:
car battery
car brake
fuel injector
engine radiator
AC compressor
Clutches for all vehicle types including trucks, tractors and cars
engine fan

No matter what type of auto parts you want to import, quality is very important and must meet industry standards for safety and durability.


If you are looking for cheap Chinese auto parts, this blog might be helpful to you. If you need help finding products or suppliers, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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