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Sellers Union group owns 8 internal societies. As a platform for young people to make friends, develop personal hobbies and enrich spare time, internal society has always tried to help employees find a balance between work and entertainment.

Internal Societies

Translation Society

Founded in December 2014, translation society is responsible for the translation of group news. Because of the development of global market and the learning interests of society members, translation society has started to invite external teachers to teach Spanish and Japanese courses since 2018.

Translation Society

Music Society

Founded in September 2017, music society has now become a strong society with nearly 60 society members. Music society has invited external teachers to teach vocal music course and musical instrument course since 2018. 

Music Society

Badminton Society

Founded in September 2017, badminton society usually trains 2-3 times per month to improve their badminton skills. Junior members who are not quite good at playing badminton can be grouped in the same team and practice together.


Football Society

Founded in September 2017, the main members of football society are colleagues from various subsidiaries who like playing football. So far, football society has participated in various district and municipal competitions and got good places.


Dance Society

Founded in September 2017, dance society has provided society members with various courses such as Korean dance, aerobics, jazz dance, popping dance and yoga.


Basketball Society

Established in November 2017, basketball society usually organizes Ningbo VS Yiwu basketball friendly matches every year. 8

Running Society

Founded in April 2018, running society has currently become the largest society with nearly 160 society members. Running society has organized night running activity and the participation of Marathon competitions. 


Design Home

Founded in May 2019, the members of design home are the designers from all the subsidiaries. In order to enhance their sense of belonging, improve their design skills and achieve common progress, design home would regularly organize team-building activities, course sharing and pay a visit to high-quality design exhibitions. 


Hope our group’s internal societies can develop stronger in the future. Looking forward to more colorful activities!

Post time: Sep-23-2020

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