Latest Wholesale Kawaii Stationery Trends

When it comes to cute stationery, many people's first impression may think of Japan or Korea. But in fact, China is the country that manufactures the most cute stationery.

There are many importers who wholesale kawaii stationery from China every year. And there are many exhibitions every year in China, which will display the latest cute stationery. Today we will share with you some of the popular types of cute stationery in China.

1. Soft Plush Notebook

This kind of furry notebook has been very popular in Yiwu market and foreign trade exhibitions in the past two years. Its biggest feature is that the cover is composed of plush that feels very comfortable and various cute images.

In the past, this material was rarely used in stationery, but this kawaii design has become more and more popular in the past two years.

china wholesale stationery

2. Colorful Highlighter Set

Highlighters can definitely be called one of the star products exported this year. Especially the cute little highlighter set. We can find a lot of highlighter sets in the shape of octopus, ice cream, unicorn or shell, etc. Or several small highlighters in different colors of the same shape.

china wholesale stationery

3. Shake Gel Pen

We found a lot of the new Shake Gel Pen at both the market and China stationery fairs. Some products have been upgraded a little on the original basis. For example, the exaggerated silicone pen cap can be buckled back to the butt of the pen after being removed from the pen head to prevent loss.

Most are plant and gourmet shapes, followed by some popular shapes such as unicorns and dinosaurs.

china wholesale stationery

4. Multiple Applications of Fidget Toys

Fun, decompression is now more practical. Decompression toys have a very obvious effect on helping people release stress and adjust their state.

This year, we see more new decompression toys appear. And a lot of them have been used in stationery, such as notebooks, backpacks or ballpoint pens, forming a lot of new kawaii stationery.

Now people can enjoy the unique charm brought by decompression toys on more occasions. These kawaii stationery are popular with children and students.

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5. Popular Elements

Unicorns, avocados, dinosaurs...
These long-standing popular elements have also added more new designs to many stationery this year, such as notebooks, folders, gel pens, pencil cases and school bags.

Other elements such as monsters, flamingos, rabbits, rainbows, etc. are also very popular.

Many of our customers have wholesaled this type of kawaii stationery from China.

china wholesale stationery


The above is the trend of most of the kawaii stationery that foreign merchants wholesale from China this year. But this is only temporary. If you know Chinese stationery suppliers, you will know that new products appear every day. Kawaii stationery is no exception.

If you want to know more about the latest kawaii stationery in China, you can contact us -- a professional Chinese sourcing company, which has established stable cooperation with many stationery suppliers and has rich kawaii stationery resources.

Post time: Nov-08-2022

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