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Do you want to further develop your party supplies business? Wholesale party supplies from China is definitely the best choice, China has the largest number of party decoration suppliers. China's party supplies have always been favored by overseas buyers due to their high quality, low prices and wide selection. Before wholesale party supplies from China, let’s take a look at the relevant guide, avoid related risks and expand profit margins.

1. Choose the Wholesale Type of China Party Supplies

Party supplies are a very promising consumer category because people very love parties! Buying a variety of party decorations, preparing food, decorating the party scene, people can even be busy all day or even a week in order to have the perfect party.

Common types of wholesale party supplies in China:


Representative Type

Party Supplies

party glasses; party masks; party headbands; party hats; costumes; party tableware, table decorations

Balloon Decoration

Number & Letter Balloons; Party Balloons Set; Solid Color Shape Balloons; 18 Inch Round/Star/Heart Series; 4D Balloons; Headdress Balloons; BOBO Balloons

Baking Supplies

cupcake wrappers; cupcake decorating; cake stand

LED Decoration

LED Flash Stick; LED Noise Generator; LED Foam Stick; LED Bracelet; LED Headgear; LED Candle; LED Mask; LED Light Ring; LED Hat; LED Accessories

Fluorescent Decoration

Glow Sticks; Glow Masks; Glow Necklaces; Glow Toys; Glow Badges; Glow Glasses; Glow Earrings

Christmas Party Supplies

Christmas tree; Christmas tableware; Christmas baubles; Christmas stockings; Christmas wreaths; Christmas gift boxes; Christmas ribbons

Seasonal Party Supplies

Easter decoration, Halloween decoration, Valentine's day decoration, New Year's holiday decoration, etc

Themed Party Supplies

Birthday Supplies, Gender Reveal/Baby Shower, Graduation Party, Bachelorette/Wedding Supplies

From the above table, you can clearly see the common wholesale party supplies classification in China. Buyers can first determine the category of party supplies they want to wholesale, and then further search for the specific styles they want to purchase.

Choosing a product is an important step, but don't forget to consider other factors as well. The market size of party supplies in different countries is different, you need to first assess the local demand for party supplies and the level of market competition. If you're sure that wholesale party supplies from China can be profitable, think about how to sell party supplies in the future. Good sales ideas can have a great impact on business development.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the import rules of the local country, such as some countries require special licenses. If you are unfamiliar with import regulations, you may increase import costs or even fail to successfully receive the goods. For novice and even experienced buyers, the process of importing from China is very complicated, but you don't need to worry too much. You can leave matters to Sellers Union -- your reliable partner in China who can help you solve all problems and greatly increase your chances of developing your business.

2. Popular Party Supplies Wholesale from China

1) Balloons

The most popular of all party supplies is undoubtedly the various balloon decorations. Among them, the most wholesale party balloons from China are latex balloons and foil balloons.

-- Latex balloon
Latex balloons are usually oval when inflated, but latex balloons can be used to make various decorations and are widely used in parties. Combining latex balloons to create new balloon shapes is the current decor craze, such as balloon walls, balloon doors, balloon garlands, and more.

china party supplies wholesale

Latex balloons are made of recyclable latex, which is more environmentally friendly than other plastic products. The latex balloon has a certain elasticity, is very flexible as a whole, and is also very good for printing some pictures or text and text, and has good customizability.

-- Foil Balloons
The classic balloon is also the most popular type of balloon on the market today. It can be used for party decoration, gift wrapping, etc. It is quite versatile. Foil balloons often have custom, such as "Happy Newyear" or "Happy Halloween" posted on the wall. Available in regular-sized to oversized custom balloons.
Foil balloons are usually used to make: number & letter balloons; party balloon sets; party decoration series; 18 inch round/star/heart series, etc.

china party supplies wholesale

Party balloons are known to be in high and steady demand, so how profitable are they? The answer is that balloon profits are considerable. Generally speaking, the price of wholesale balloons from China is USD 0.02-0.07 per single. Some uniquely shaped balloons and balloon-themed sets will be more expensive. For example, the wholesale price of a set of party balloons on Alibaba is $4.2, and it is sold for $12.8 on Amazon. After subtracting the cost of the product, there is still an $8.6 profit margin. Even minus shipping and packaging costs, the profit margins are huge.

2) Seasonal party decorations

We have many customers who wholesale Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas and other party decorations from China every year. If you want to wholesale holiday decorations, Yiwu Market is a good place to go. It is the largest wholesale market for party supplies and festival supplies in China, bringing together suppliers from all over China, you can find the most products at one time.

Party supplies are mainly concentrated on the first floor of District 1, Yiwu International Trade City, between the festival supplies and the toy area. Among seasonal decorations, Christmas decorations tend to be the most in demand. If you just want to wholesale Christmas decorations, head to the third floor of District 1, which specializes in Christmas decorations. The MOQ in Yiwu market is usually one box per item.

china party supplies wholesale3

Before the epidemic, many importers went to Yiwu market to wholesale the latest party decorations. And now due to the epidemic, many buyers can't easily go to China. Some customers will contact experience Yiwu sourcing agent to help them go to the market or directly recommend the latest styles from all over China to them.

3) Birthday party supplies

The most wholesaled occasion party supplies from China are undoubtedly birthday supplies. Some of our clients have said that birthday decorations are in high demand in their countries and are very profitable. Yes, everyone wants to have an unforgettable birthday and want to decorate their birthday party as much as possible. Birthday banners, birthday balloons, birthday candles, birthday cutlery, birthday hats, etc. are indispensable in a birthday party.

china party supplies wholesale

3. How to Find China Party Decoration Suppliers

If you don't have a familiar party supply supplier in China, or you aren't particularly satisfied with the party supply supplier you are working with now. You can find party supplies suppliers in China both online & offline.

1) Online: Google search/China wholesale website/Sourcing agent

You can always find the answer you need with Google search. You can choose to search directly for China party supplies suppliers, or find a reliable China sourcing agent to help you further save time and cost. You can try to search by the following keywords: China party supplies wholesale, China party supplies suppliers, china party supplies manufacturers, China sourcing agent, Yiwu sourcing agent. The search results for such terms are relatively accurate. When you start searching, you will find that there are many search results for both suppliers and purchasing agents. So when you choose, be sure to keep your eyes open and evaluate many factors.

You can also visit the following well-known wholesale websites, which also have many Chinese party supplies suppliers:
DHgate –
Made In China–

You can also read: How to choose a reliable Chinese supplier.

2) Offline: China wholesale markets, factories, exhibitions

Wholesale markets are a common way for many people to get a lot of party supplies. If you want to wholesale party supplies by visiting the China market, then we recommend you to go to Zhejiang, Guangzhou and Hebei province.

If you want to learn more, you can read some of the guides to the China wholesale market that we wrote earlier.

If you want to wholesale China party supplies at a fair, the two best China fairs to go to are the Canton Fair and the Yiwu Fair. Both shows have many suppliers every year, including party supplies, attracting many buyers. You can communicate with them face-to-face and get more intuitive information.

4. Some Tips for Wholesale Party Supplies from China

Once you have found a reliable supplier and picked the right product, you can start placing your order. After you pay for the goods, they will arrange the production. For safety's sake, you'd better pay part of the deposit before receiving the goods. Generally speaking, the deposit ratio is 30%, and the remaining amount will be paid after delivery.

Regarding the quality control of party supplies, you can ask your partner party decoration suppliers to send you product photos and videos to see if they meet your requirements. If you cooperate with a purchasing agent, then you only need to choose products, and they will help you with other matters, including following up the production progress, testing the quality, and shipping to your country, etc.


That's all for the basics of wholesale party supplies from China. As the best Yiwu agent, we provide different professional guides every week. If you have any import needs, you can contact us.

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