5 stages of your purchasing trip to yiwu

China is becoming the largest market in the world, and most suppliers will pay attention to Yiwu market whenever they want to do business in China and ignore China’s largest wholesale market. Yiwu International Market is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, the eastern coastal province of China. It is the leading wholesale market in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. The Yiwu market is huge, about 59 million square feet, with 75,000 booths. Generally speaking, your Yiwu purchasing tour can be divided into the following steps.

Step 1 – Before you consider booking your flight and going to Yiwu, please take a look at the city and the customs situation (so that during the Chinese New Year, when the booth is not open, you will not go). Use oral English, open time (9 am to 5 pm every day) and Yiwu’s life to educate yourself

Step 2 – Prepare funds and prepare to stay in the Yiwu market for a week or more. It is impossible to visit all 75,000 stores in a week, but you should find what you want before you run out this week. If you can change your currency before you travel, some stores will be better at accepting other currencies, but if you choose RMB, it will be safer.


Step 3 – Get the agent. If this is your first time to go to Yiwu, ask the people you trust, and the people you have been there to connect you with the agents they use. You may experience a lot of trouble due to cultural barriers and language barriers. And as we said before, the Yiwu market is very huge. If you go by yourself, 75,000 stores will make you feel troubled. It seems that there are many choices, but the efficiency is very low. Here, you can choose Yiwuagt as your Yiwu purchasing agent. We are part of the Sellersunion Group, one of the largest foreign trade companies in Yiwu. The Sellersunion Group has 23 years of foreign trade history, which is a good choice.

Step 4 – Choose the right product. Yiwu mainly deals with mass production, so if you are planning to buy a product, just like a product, you may not be able to customize the product, but if you are going there for mass production, Yiwu will provide you with this. multiple choice. You should go to different booths, check their products, and choose the products that appeal to you the most. In Yiwu, you will never lack choice.

Step 5 – Shipping. After choosing a good product, you need a Yiwu transportation agent, and Yiwuagt can also help you solve this problem. Throw the problem to us and you can enjoy the time in Yiwu.

Post time: Nov-03-2020

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