2023 Popular Stationery Trends

At any time, stationery occupies an important position in people's lives, and the market demand has always been great. But people's preferences for stationery are also constantly changing. Next let’s take a look at the predicted popular stationery trends for 2023.

1. Bright and Positive Stationery Elements

After the difficult period of 2020-2022, people are paying more attention to their inner health than usual.

So some healing patterns and bright colors are easier to poke into the user's heart. For example, fluorescent and candy-colored stationery sets that popular in 2022.

As an experienced Chinese sourcing agent, we believe that the next popular stationery trend will continue some of the previous styles, and on this basis, there will be design updates. Representing bright, warm orange may become the new popular stationery color. And positive images like rainbows, unicorns, and suns will continue to be popular.

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2. Living Stationery

Fun stationery such as candy toys will still be very popular. In this year's China exhibition, we can also see that many China stationery suppliers have launched their latest food-shaped stationery, which are widely used in erasers, stationery boxes, notebooks and so on.

This kind of life-like image can make people feel the beauty of life while feeling interesting.

In addition, the design with handwritten font will also give people a homely feeling.

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3. Monster Popular Stationery Elements

These cute monster images will be further developed and applied to stationery design in various interesting forms. Newer and more interesting, and some even feature entirely new materials.

Compared with the monster element, another element that has been popular in the past two years - the astronaut element is a bit lonely. At this year's show, there were significantly fewer astronaut-related elements. The point of innovation is to turn astronauts into various space animals. The combination is relatively simple.

We have reason to speculate that the popularity of separate stationery with space elements will continue to decline next year. But there may be some stationery sets that combine monster elements with space elements.

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4. Fabric Notebook

Out of people's good desire to connect with nature, more environmentally friendly and natural materials have begun to be applied to the stationery market.

Among them, the notebooks that use soft cloth as the cover are very well received. In terms of color, the color that best reflects the plain color and low contrast of the fabric itself is very popular.

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5. Soft Wiggling Pen

At stationery fairs and wholesale markets in China, we found a lot of soft and interesting pens. They have a lot of shapes, such as plants, animals or food.

Now this type of pens are mainly gel pens. But it is reasonable to speculate that under the influence of this heat, this element will also be used in other types of stationery.

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I believe that everyone has some understanding of popular stationery trends now. If you want to wholesale China stationery, you have come to the right place. We are your best choice.

Post time: Nov-08-2022

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