Китхцен Супплиес

China Kitchen Supplies Wholesale

Селлерсунион је водећи агент in Yiwu China, over 1200 staffs, have 20,000m² warehouse and 10,000m² showroom. In the past 23 years, we have established stable cooperation with 10,000+ quality factories. Served 1500+ supermarket, wholesaler, retailer, etc. We can take care of all stages of your import from China, enhance your competitiveness in the market.
We provide a wide range of wholesale kitchen supplies, from cooking utensils to kitchen storage, etc. You can also send us pictures of products you need or tell us your sourcing idea, we will meet all your needs. Our design team can also provide any private packaging design or artwork, allowing you to easily own private label products.


Do you want to find more novel kitchen supplies? Contact us now, you can easily wholesale novel kitchen supplies from China. We have a variety of solutions, can meet the needs of different types of clients.
Пошто смо упознати са целокупним кинеским тржиштем, преко нас можете продати и друге дневне потрепштине, попут производа за домаћинство, играчака, поклона, потрепштина за кућне љубимце итд.

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