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  • Yiwu Real-time Latest Situation and Work Solutions Adjustment
    Post time: 08-11-2022

    Due to the impact of the epidemic, Yiwu City will be closed for three days from 0:00 on August 11. The whole city will be under control, so some of our work plans need to be adjusted, and the work of logistics, transportation and warehousing will be forcibly suspended. W...Læs mere »

  • Sådan engroshandel fra Yiwu Market - Én guide er nok
    Posttid: 18-09-2021

    As we all know, Yiwu has the world largest wholesale market, a lot of buyers go to Yiwu market wholesale products. As Yiwu market agents with multi-year experience, we know that many clients want to get a complete guide for Yiwu market wholesale. So in this article we wi...Læs mere »

  • Bedste guide til Yiwu til London Railway-No.1 Yiwu Agent
    Posttid: 16-08-2021

    As the market grows on freight demand, the team of China-Europe Railway Express is also constantly expanding. Yiwu to London Railway opened on January 1, 2017, the whole journey was approximately 12451 km, which is the world's second long railway freight route only after...Læs mere »

  • Udforsk Yiwu til Madrid Railway Autoritative Guide-Bedste Yiwu Agent
    Posttid: 14-08-2021

    In the case of tight sea and air transportation capacity, the Yiwu to Madrid railway line has become the choice of more and more people. It is the seventh railway connecting China and Europe and is part of the New Silk Road. 1. Overview of the rout...Læs mere »

  • Kraftfuld guide om Yiwu Fair 2021 til importører
    Posttid: 07-09-2021

    Soon, the 27th Yiwu Fair will be held at Yiwu International Expo Center from October 21st to 25th, 2021. Like the 26th Yiwu Fair, in addition to meeting with foreign traders on site, exhibitors will also develop an online model to connect with overseas traders online. We...Læs mere »

  • Sådan kommer du til Yiwu 2021 -World Wholesale Center
    Posttid: 28-05-2021

    With Yiwu's growing international reputation, many people plan to go to Yiwu China to purchase goods. In a foreign country, communication isn't easy and traveling is even more difficult. Today we have sorted out the detailed Raiders from multiple places to Yiwu. Be sure ...Læs mere »

  • Din intime grossistguide: sourcing af produkter fra Kina
    Posttid: 26-04-2021

    Denne artikel er hovedsageligt rettet mod importører, der har ringe erfaring med at købe i Kina. Indholdet inkluderer den komplette sourcingproces fra Kina som følger: Vælg den kategori af produkter, du ønsker Find kinesiske leverandører (online eller offline) Bedøm ægthed / forhandling / prissammenligning ...Læs mere »

  • Online og offline: Sådan finder du pålidelige kinesiske leverandører
    Posttid: 14-04-2021

    Mange mennesker ønsker at vokse deres egen forretning ved at importere varer fra Kina, men de synes, det er meget vanskeligt at finde en pålidelig leverandør. Det er turen. Hvis du leder efter en leverandør via Internettet, kan du kun forstå de oplysninger, de har frigivet. At lære dem at kende, den bedste måde ...Læs mere »

  • 5 Nyttig vejledning: Køb produkter på Yiwu Market 2021-bedste Yiwu-agent
    Posttid: 26-03-2021

    If you have 0 experience about shop goods in Yiwu Market ,don’t worry , Here are 5 very useful tips for you. 1. Do a pre-investigation Yiwu market is the world's largest small commodity market , there are many areas here. Before you come, you should do your survey about ...Læs mere »

  • How to Wholesale Christmas Decoration at Yiwu Market -Yiwu Agent
    Posttid: 26-03-2021

    Many successful business people import Christmas decorations from China every year, although they from different countries and have various needs, Yiwu Christmas market can always satisfy them. More than 60% Christmas decorations of the world are produced from Yiwu. Toda...Læs mere »

  • Rentabel Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market-Bedste guide, du bør vide
    Posttid: 02-03-2021

    Vil du importere rentabelt legetøj fra Yiwu-markedet, men ved ikke, hvordan du skal starte? I dag kan du få den bedste Yiwu legetøjsmarkedsguide og nemt udvikle legetøjsbranchen. Lad os begynde at udforske: 1. Oversigt over Yiwu legetøjsmarked 2. Tilgængelige produkter og oprindelse i Yiwu legetøjsmarked 3. Hvorfor vælge Yiwu ...Læs mere »

  • Top 6 Kina legetøj engrosmarked – du behøver at vide |  No.1 Yiwu Agent
    Indlægstid: 01-14-2021

    When wholesale cheap, novel and high-quality toys, many importers’ first consideration is China. Because China is the world’s largest toy producer and exporter, about 75% of the world’s toys come from China. When wholesale toys from China, do you want to know how to find...Læs mere »

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