Shantou speelgoed markt

Chenghai, Shantou is the largest and the most leading toy manufacturing and innovation center in China, especially in relation to electronic and plastic toys, no one can be better than Shantou Chenghai. So far, it has cultivated many famous toy brands such as Auldey, Huawei, Auby, and so on. Chenghai is home to millions of toy factories varying from small workshops to large international brands. And you don’t need to visit factories one by one. There are huge toy market on the streets in Shantou where you can sourcing all toys from different suppliers under one roof, and the shantou toys market will provide you the toy supplier information at the same time.





Voordat u Shantou speelgoed markt te bezoeken, moet je weten:

1. In Shantou, market = showing room, so they also called“Exhibition”.

2. Shantou have more than 30 toys market (big and small), according to sample QTY and suppliers number, below I will introduce the 4 top shantou toys market.

3. In different exhibitions, it is possible to see same sample same packing, yes! it is from same toys supplier/manufacture.

4. Shantou Toys Market it is more like a “Wal-Mart” supermarket, the service staff will record the item No. if you like the product, then you can get all the info list when check out.

CBH Toys Exhibition Hall

It is a NEW Exhibition Hall, started from 2017. It is new, and “luxury”! Good decoration for the hall, nice service from the staff, large space for each booth , coffee room and meeting room….

13,000 square meter showing area, 110+ Service Team member.

4,000+ regular toys showing booth, 4,500+ professional toys showing booth.

4,000+ corporate toys factory support.

110+ Service Team member, MOQ=5CTN/item.

Important! most shantou toys showed here it is with good packing and higher quality.

Deze markt is meer nuttig voor de Europese en Amerikaanse koper of die hun eigen merk speelgoed op te bouwen.


Hoton Toys Exhibition Hall

Honton is the 1st toys market in Shantou From 2003.

Zij zijn de starter voor deze business schimmels, met het oog op “Help koper te krijgen alle speelgoed info op één plaats, tijd te besparen en het bedrijfsleven gemakkelijk”

Met 15.000 vierkante meter tonen gebied, nu zijn ze nodigen ander materiaal (geen alleen plastic) speelgoed leveranciers uit heel China om toe te treden hun tentoonstellingsruimte.

dus in de toekomst kunt u pluchen speelgoed, kostuum, houten speelgoed, knuffels ... allerlei speelgoed hier te zien.

In Hoton tentoonstellingsruimte, is het gemakkelijk om te zien wat erg nieuw ontwerp, leveranciers werken hun product info vrij snel.

YS WIN-WIN Toys Exhibition Hall

This Shantou toy market covers an area of about 16,000 m², with more than 5,000 toy suppliers and 200,000+ toys on display.

Because of its rich variety of toys and good quality, it is deeply loved by European and American markets. If you need, you can also contact the factory to communicate with you face to face.

You can also contact us directly. We have an office in Shantou and cooperate with more than 3,000 Shantou toy suppliers.

shantou toys market
shantou toys market

On Top Toys Exhibition Hall

Now On Top have Over 10,000 square meter area and 5000 toys suppliers. With 1,000,000+ Item No.

Hier hebben variëteit speelgoed om uit te kiezen, zowel voor de goedkope punt en het merk speelgoed. De meeste Indische, Midden-Oosten klanten de voorkeur om hier te bezoeken omdat het gemakkelijk is op zoek naar de goede kwaliteit en goedkope prijs items.

MOQ: voor de goedkope punt, sommige fabriek bieden 1 CTN / 1 item MOQ,

it is quick good to combine one container with 1000+ toys items.

View Some New Shantou Toys

shantou toys market
shantou toys market
shantou toys market
shantou toys market

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